The Demon Lovers Box Set by Kate Douglas

<a href="Demon Lovers Boxed Set (Demon Lovers, #1-5)Demon Lovers Boxed Set by Kate Douglas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The story starts with a girl being thrown into the little known world of paranormals. Not only is she thrown into it, but becomes a part of a demon fighting team and paired up with two good looking guys. And the sex begins! The books did flow into the other without having to “catch the reader up”. But the story lines begin to gain strength and then spiral down and crashes. There are other characters that are added to the story line, and the sex. I felt the connection between the Lorcan and Jett or Addie and Az, but didn’t feel the connection between all four. I am a super fan of paranormal romances and just felt this story was missing something.

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Not His Territory

<a href="Not His TerritoryNot His Territory by Annabeth Leong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Chandra is desperate to escape her ex-husband’s dangerous attention.  The answer to her prayers is Raul, an injured werewolf appearing at her door.  Raul, a werewolf investigator, is tight laced and abides by the rules.  There is a hot and instant attraction between Raul and Chandra.  Raul finds himself considering breaking the rules he has always lived by.  While I wish this story could have been longer, you can feel the hot connection between Chandra and Raul.  Definitely a hot read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Viral Contest- Win a bag of signed stuff – books and swag! Plus, winner of the Name Ava’s book contest. (via A History of Romance)

I am trying for another contest ….cross your fingers

First let me congratulate Michelle Herzog for winning the name Ava's book contest. After conferring with my editor and a few of my beta readers, we decided A Librarian’s Desire was the perfect title. I will be in touch about your winnings. I've got contest fever, so let's move on to the next contest. All right, folks, I've got a heck of a viral contest here. I'll be putting up some books and things to give away over the coming weeks, but I'm goin … Read More

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Celebrating with Deisree Holt (via Journeys of the Heart)

Don’t miss entering this .DOWNSTROKE Release Contest …grand prize is a Netbook! Now who couldn’t do with a Netbook these days!

Told you I had very selfish reasons for starting a blog….. Pass the word!

Celebrating with Deisree Holt    Desiree Holt, has achieved a goal that many authors, myself included, can only regard with envy.  With the publication of her latest book, Downstroke, she now has 100 works of fiction available from Ellora’s Cave. Yep, you heard right 100 works of fiction—quickies, novellas and novels.  To celebrate, she asked a few friends to select and read one of her offerings and then publicize it on their blog along with the directions to her special cont … Read More

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Hello World!

Now that I am starting my own WordPress blog, clearly out of dire necessity, the system tells me I have to write a post.  So, this will clearly represent my first (and maybe only) post.

I have chosen my theme and tried to put in widgets – that didn’t work.  I attempted to choose my font and color, if this is still in the default font and black – I have not succeeded in that as well.  I believe the next step is to read the Daily Post.  That isnt going to happen for a bit.

Hmm, Mr. WordPress’ next suggestion of  “Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web” sounds like a future goal …wish me luck!!